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We believe..
We believe
Are you worried about the Euro crisis? It appears to be a complete mess. Where will it end? How will it affect us?
Some years ago in the early 60’s I had got married and we had our first son, and we looked forward to life, when the Cuba crisis loomed and it looked as though America and Russia were going to have a nuclear war. What was going to happen to us and what was the point of life, and what expectation of life had our little son?
   At this point my brother-in-law gave me a ticket to go and hear Billy Graham telling this nation about Jesus. What I heard was this, that God had everything in control and that if we gave our lives to him we would have eternal life. All this happened in the Victoria Cinema in Cambridge.
My brother-in-law at that time had a poster on his garage door. It said, ”Trust in the Lord”. A travelling evangelist came and knocked on his door and said, “I believe there is a young Christian who needs teaching.”  What a miracle! I had little or no knowledge of the Bible and God’s love towards us. What I learnt is that you have to work Jesus into your life and tell him you are sorry for all the wrong things you have done.
  Probably the greatest of these is ‘What have you done with my Son’? I came to understand that He is the not only the  Saviour of the world out there but personally my Saviour, that He shed His blood to redeem me and set me on a new road.
  Some 40 years later I can look back and see how the Lord Jesus Christ has been with me and always been my friend, given me stability and a hope that my life is safe with him, not only here, but into eternity.
  The question is ‘Where will you spend eternity? Heaven or hell? If you really want to find out, you have to go looking, get a Bible and God will show you through his word, because God loves you and wants you to be his son or daughter.

  And I ask you now. Where is Mr. Krushchev and President Kenedy? Both are dead and both have to give an account to God for  what they have done! And not only that, but God will ask them ‘What have you done with my Son?’ What will you do with Jesus, reject him or accept him? I praise and thank God He accepts me and I accepted Him.