March Evangelical Fellowship
We believe..
We believe
When I was a teenager I met a work colleague who was a Christian and she took me to a few meetings where I first came into contact with Christians. She gave me a New Testament. I did not have any more contact with her as she went away to be a missionary. I carried on my life not giving Christianity any more thought.
In 1981 I was a wife and young mother of two small children.. I thought I had everything I ever  wanted but something was missing. I was finding life with my two children difficult and a call to my health visitor resulted in my son being able to attend a playgroup 3 afternoons a week. The play group leader was a really nice lady and made the process of leaving my son  at the group much easier.
After a few months, I had a strong feeling to get my New  Testament out and read it. I was surprised because it started to make sense to me and I felt strongly that I should meet  with people who also felt the same.
While my little boy was at playgroup, I walked around our town, with my daughter in her pram, to look at churches with the intention  of attending on Sunday. I found a church that I had never noticed before. Somehow 1 knew that this was the one to go to and made a note of the times of service.
On Sunday I told my husband that I was going to church. He was very surprised but did not discourage me from going. I got there too ear!y as I had got the time wrong, but I did not go home again (which would have been my usual response, feeling a failure}. I waited until they opened the doors and went in to sit down.
I was so amazed to see the  playgroup leader sitting across from me. She saw me and asked me to sit with her. During the service I learned that Jesus wanted me to give my heart and life to him which I did silently then and there. I felt that the pastor was speaking directly to me throughout the service. When I left I felt totally different, as if I was walking on air, so happy and excited! I got home and told my husband about my experience. He said he could see something had happened. After a few weeks he decided to join me at church as he felt that he was missing out and he gave his heart to Jesus a few weeks later.
Jesus changed my life, gave me friends, a wider family in the church and enabled me to cope with being a mum. Gradually I learned more about what Jesus has done for me, and even now 32 years later I  am still amazed at what he continues to do for me.